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Shaman combos

Can't be combined with Shaman.

Best combo(s): Wind/Holy
Special ability:Banish 
Stat increase: Wisdom +30, Offense +15
               Vigor +30, AP +15

Best combo(s):holy/devil
Special ability: Spray
Stat increase:wisdom+40, offense+30
              Defense +25, Vigor+30, 
              AP +340!
Best combo(s): Earth/ fire, water, or holy
Special ability: N/A
Stat increase: With Fire: Wisdom +30, offense +33
                          Defense+33, Vigor +60, AP +30
               With water:Wisdom +40, Offense +25
                          Defense+33, Vigor+60, AP+35
               With holy: Wisdom +30, Offense +25
                          Defense+33, Vigor +50, AP+30

Best combos: Devil/ Fire, Water, wind, 
Special ability: keep
Stat increase: With Fire:  Wisdom +30, Offense +35
                           Defense+17, Vigor +50 AP +50
                          (note: this AP boost is especially helpful since
                           Katt is naturally low on AP.)
               With Water: Wisdom +40, Offense +30
                           Defense+12, Vigor +50 AP +60
               With wind:  Wisdom +30, Offense +30
                           Defense+17, Vigor +60 AP +50
Best Combo(s): Wind/Fire
Special Ability: Switch  
Stat increase: Wisdom +30, Offense +40
               Defense+15, Vigor +50, AP+50 

Best Combo(s): Holy/ water, or wind
Special Ability: chop
Stat increase: With water: Wisdom +60, Offense +30
                           Defense+15, Vigor +50, AP+40
               With wind:  Wisdom +50, Offense +30
                           Defense+20, Vigor +70, AP+30

Best Combo(s): Water/ all except fire, and Fire/ devil 
Special ability: SPORE, nature, Bud
Stat increase: Water, with Wind: Wisdom +40, Offense+15
                                 Defense+15, Vigor +45, AP+30
                      With Earth:Bud special ability
                                 Wisdom +45, Offense +15
                                 Defense+30, Vigor +50, AP+30
                      With holy: Wisdom +40, Offense +15
                                 Defense+17, Vigor +35, AP+30
                      With Devil:Wisdom +40, Offense +15
                                 Defense +15, Vigor +30, AP+55
                      Fire/devil:Nature special ability
                                 Wisdom +55, Offense+32
                                 Defense+15, Vigor+40, AP+45

Can't be combined with other shaman