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Character Abilities

AbilityEffectsAP costLevel
healheals light wounds on one target41
Purifycures poison 4 4
Protectraise one target's defense26
Rejuvenateheal medium wounds on one target710
Shieldraises all targets' defense416
Raise Deadchance of restoring dead member1019
Remedycure all status changes720
Vitalizeheal medium wounds on all targets2023
Barrierraise one target's magic defense426

AbilityEffectsAP costLevel
FlareFlame attack vs one target21
FrostFrost attack vs. one target24
SimoonFlame and wind attack vs one target47

AbilityEffectsAP costLevel
PilferSteals item from enemy01
JoltElectric attack vs all targets39
SlowLower one target's agility1N/A
SilenceStops magic use by all targets2N/A
SpeedRaise one target's agility2N/A
LightningElectric attack vs all targets7N/A
WeretigerRasies power: slowly become berserk0 N/A

AbilityEffectsAP costLevel
HealHeals light wounds on one target4N/A
PurifyCures poison4N/A
ProtectRaise one targetís defense2N/A
IdentifyDisplays enemies data0N/A
FortellDivine outcome of combat0N/A
SilenceStop magic use by all targets / 2 /10 sleep/ induce sleep in all targets/ 3 /12 quake/Earthquake(atk vs all targets)/ 7 /13 confuse/ induce confusion in one target/ 2 /14 Speed/ raise one targetís agil /2/ 17 rejuvenate/ heal medium wounds on one target/7/ 19 might/ raise one targetís power / 4 /20 remedy/ cure all status changes/ 7 /24 raise dead/ chance of restoring dead member/ 10 /27 Ragnarok/ atk vs all targets/ ?14/ 29 vitalize/ heal mediumm wounds on all targets/ 20 /33 restore/ heal heavy wounds on one target/ 12 /36